Sunday, 11 December 2016

Bookapedia exhibition

Today bookapedia shared their exhibition to the rest of poutama. Bookapedia have been working on their exhibition for all of this term our exhibitions have been about the book we have been reading I have read hope in a ballet shoe but also hiding Edith and hanas suitcase but I choose to do it about hope in a ballet shoe. Here is a photo of our exhibition 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Athletics reflection 2016


Athletics Reflection:

    • What was the most enjoyable part of athletics for you? Why?
      The most enjoyable part was getting first in shot put becasue I never knew I was good a shot put.
    • What are you really proud of? Why?
      I was most proud of our house coming first in the house relay because we almost always come last or 3rd
    • What was the most challenging part? Why?
      The most challenging part was discus becasue I am not very good at discus and I need to keep working on my throwing 
    • Where to now? What are your goals for next time? Why do you want to focus on this?
    • Next time I am aiming to improve my long jump so I can get a better place 

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Book buddies

For book buddies this term we have been doing the same as last term we have the same buddy and a different coach but I am in bookapedia so I have got my same buddy and coach.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016


Prep is a time when we work on our stuff for market day I am in a group with Atlanta and Charlotte. We made tic tac toe bags and we worked really hard to get them done we had a $20 budget to make products to sell our group only spent $2.35 we made 20 and they all sold in the first 40 minutes. We could of made more because we still had lots more money but we didn't have any more time. Lots of locals came to school to come around and look at our stalls. 


Last week we had a crazy hair day on Friday and in maths we have been focusing on statistics and we were making surveys. The teachers made a survey about what you wanted to see at market day as an example and Sophie, Bella, Charlotte and I made a survey on crazy hair day to see if people would particapate. Then we had to collect the data and make a graph.Here is our survey and graph

Wednesday, 2 November 2016


Description: for the last few weeks for writing we have been learning about persuasive writing. We had been given a task to write some persuasive writing to try and sell some headphones. 
Here is my writing 

Are you tired of broken headphones, tangled cords and not being able to hear the music wait no longer buy Color strips new headphones wicked Color 5. These have Bluetooth so you don't have to worry about tangled cords. They fit your head comfortably so you can take them on a long road trip or just for a run. They are handy because they will not fall off your head. They are unbreakable so if you drop them it won't effect the headphones or the sound. They are so small they can fit in your pocket or in your bag but don't worry they will still fit your head. If you are at a pool party take your headphones because they are waterproof. There are different colours and patterns to choose from or customise your own colours and pattern at the factory and see how they made. These are the best of the best you can buy. They last you a lifetime so buy one now for a 10 percent discount on your purchase call 0800 144 932. Only 49.99 It includes the wicked Color 5 headphones, a Color strips headphone cover, a Color strips backpack, a Color strips speaker and coupons for discounts for your next purchase. So call 0800 144 932 Wicked Color 5, I repeat call 0800 144 932 Wicked Color 5 for your new headphones 

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Taking risks

Today the kids who went with Nic, Elly and Troy and some of the teachers from ashurst school to do risk taking took groups of us to make a risk action plans and level some risks from lowest to highest. We made a action plan about our hardest risk and how we would face it.
Here is my action plan

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Kapahaka portfolio sample term 3

Description: On Wednesday night the Kapahaka and Band performed at the northern cluster at the regent. Kapahaka is when a group of people come together and perform moari Waita. I was not able to perform on the night because I went to the netball. But at school we had a whole Kapahaka photo in our uniform and then had a dress rehearsal in front of the whole school. Even though I wasn't there I am sure our group was amazing. The northern cluster is a festival and the schools in the northern part of Palmerston North come together and perform. Our Kapahaka needed the band because the band had learnt hall of fame and then the kapahaka translated the chorus into moari. I am in both the band and the Kapahaka. I think I have been doing well at Kapahaka and band because I have been focused and I have been working hard. I am most proud of me learning the song in moari. I was challenged by all of the new words. Next time I need to be putting more passion into it. Here is us performing.
 Day performance Live performance
Feedback/feedfoward I think that you did. Great job and looked really confident and I like the actions that you did in panekiretanga- Atlanta 

Thursday, 15 September 2016

Art portfolio sample

This term we have been doing art for our calendars, and we are doing our self portraits. The first stage was to think about what represents us and draw the ideas down. The second stage was draw our ideas onto A3 card. The third stage was to practise using paint and pastel for our backgrounds. The fourth stage was to practice drawing our self portrait and after that we had a practice, we got some card and drew the real thing. The last thing we did was the background. We used paint pastel and dye to make the background look effective. Here is a slide showing some effects we used and the finished peice.

Feedback/Feedforward:Wow Aria I really like your art because you have used lots of different colours but next time you could not have as much white.