Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Me doing the triathlon

                                Yesterday I did the weet-bix triathlon. I think I did a very good
                                job at the triathlon. My number was 27245 and my finish time was 11:13.
                                There were Celebrity's there. I got a t-shirt a swim bag,swim cap,medal,
                                 water bottle and my finish time recorded. The people from Russell street
                                school got there photo taken with the celebrity's. After the photo you could
                                get a  signature. I got a signature by Temepara George and Valerie Adams.
                                 It was so awesome their were spot prizes. After I got a special treat I got to
                                go the  two dollar shop and I got a ball making kit. That day was the best day
                                because it was my first ever triathlon!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Koru art

WALT: Use symbols (to represent something special to us)

The big blue koru is my dad the big purple koru is my mum the little purple is my little sister called Kali and the little blue is me. Me and my dad both like blue and my mum and  Kali like purple so that's why I've used those colours 

  1. We looked at pictures of koru shapes
  2. We had a go at drawing koru shapes in different sizes
  3. We planned how our art was going to look.
  4. We had to explain our art to our buddy
  5. We used chalk pastel to outline
  6. Then we used oil pastels to colour in the koru patterns.
  7. We made sure all the 'mouse holes' were filled in.
  8. We filled the outline with white pastel
  9. Lastly, we did a dye wash in black.
  10. We used a tissue to wipe off the extra dye
Colouring in the mouse holes.



Ebony says: This is a fantastic representation of your whanau Aria. I particularly like how you thought about what colours you would use and why. Ka mau te wehi!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Thursday, 7 March 2013

About me

Hi I am Aria.I am 7. I love dancing. I am very exited about sharing my learning on my blog!