Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Me doing the triathlon

                                Yesterday I did the weet-bix triathlon. I think I did a very good
                                job at the triathlon. My number was 27245 and my finish time was 11:13.
                                There were Celebrity's there. I got a t-shirt a swim bag,swim cap,medal,
                                 water bottle and my finish time recorded. The people from Russell street
                                school got there photo taken with the celebrity's. After the photo you could
                                get a  signature. I got a signature by Temepara George and Valerie Adams.
                                 It was so awesome their were spot prizes. After I got a special treat I got to
                                go the  two dollar shop and I got a ball making kit. That day was the best day
                                because it was my first ever triathlon!!


  1. Wow Aria thats pretty cool that you got to meet Temepara George and Valerie Adams and good on you for doing the weetbix try. Are you going to do it next year? Your time was really good as well, maybe next time you could try bet it.


  2. Wow Aria you did a good job!Next time you could try and be third in the triathlon.You should defiantly be proud of yourself.Give your self a pat on the back.Well done Aria! ( I wish I could meet Valerie Adams and Temepara George) Great Job!