Friday, 26 April 2013

My story

Because of love

There was a king called king merry. He had blonde hair and a jewel crown. He had two daughters called Matilda and little Sofia they both had brown hair like their mother. They both had diamond tiaras. King merry lived in England with his daughters.  But he didn’t want daughters he wanted sons. Because he wanted to go to an arcade to play games like wreck it ralph. But he had to take the girls to ballet.  On the other side of the story in Australia there was a queen named Julie, she had brown hair and crystal earrings. She had two sons called Tom and Connor. They both had blonde hair like their father. Julie didn’t want sons because she wanted daughters to take shopping because she really truly did not like taking the boys to soccer practice!!  Both king merry and queen Julie lived alone.  One day the king went to Australia to visit his mum because she was in hospice. Next door to his Mum there was a palace.  That’s where queen Julie lives. It started to pour down with rain. The queen saw him out her window and she said, “ come in side and have a coffee and a toffee pop. The queen immediately fell in love with him.  Then King merry had to go.  Queen Julie had lost her love.  So on Sunday she emailed King Merry.  This is what the email said “we should see each other soon” so the King sent back and said “sure”.  What they didn’t know was that queen Julie was going to England and King Merry was coming to Australia.  So when King Merry went to Queen Julie’s palace and Queen Julie went to King Merry’s snow palace.  When King Merry saw that Queen Julie wasn’t there he rang Julie and said “where are you?” and she replied” in England where are you?” “I’m in Australia”.  “Alright, I’m coming back you stay there” and Queen Julie said “I’ve got a surprise for you”.  King Merry came straight away.  When he got home the queen gave him a present.  He opened it right away.  It was a kitten a little grey kitten.  King merry called it princess snowflake.  He named it that because he lived in England and it snows.  Queen Julie and King Merry liked each other so much.  So they had a wedding in England in the snow palace.  There wedding was a big success because the theme was Mexico and everybody dressed up and they danced the waltz.   The end

In the end Sofia loved Conner no it’s not finished daddy. Let me do my special dance with Connor. Come out of there. Now let’s dance “ la la la “

By Aria jamieson

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  1. Wow Aria, I am so proud of how hard you worked on your story in the holidays. You thought of the characters, the problem and a solution. Then afterwards you went back and added more details. Well done, I love your perseverance. You are a great story teller.