Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The prodution

On tuesday I had butterflies in my tummy. Today was the day of the … PRODUCDUTION. I was nervous about the production at first. The theme was the night at the R’OSCARS. I had my faveouritie tea mince pie.
 My mum dropped me off at the regent.  Just like that we were at the regent. The stage was so big but smaller then a maze.
We had to wait a bit for our turn.But i was in the kapa haka so i was on first too.Some dances were so cute. My class was doing...HOP i want candy it’s a catchy song.
Our  costumes looked a bit funny because we were bunnys. There was such a big crowd. our costumes was a black vest, rainbow baggy pants,some ruffles and some make up whiskars
pink nose eyeliner and fuzzy tail. finlly it was our turn we were buzzing with exitment. We did it we finshed. then the only part left the fanil. The last song was fading and we came on with the rest of the school and the teachers did a little dance they dressed in some funny outfits. Once they finshed we sang and danced to take it easy by stan walker. Everyone cheered so loud next we went to our dressing room to get changed. We went on the stage  to find our parents I needed to find just my mum my dad wasn’t there but i no that he  would love the show. When I got home I went straight to sleep.

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