Tuesday, 13 August 2013

The little freaky fox

​As I entered the school gates. I could not not believe my eyes it was ... A little freaky fox. It was purple and playing with blue bubbles. Did anybody else no about this freaky fox. Everybody else did not. I did not no what to do cause the fox did not look friendly. But really fancy. I was really worried because the bell was going to ring soon. The freaky fancy not friendly fox would be alone. So... I took the freaky fox to the head teacher and said this is my pet fox. After show and tell my teacher told me to take it home. I ran home with the fox. Then I remembered I live with my grandpa and he is allergic. So i got home and asked and mum said only if I keep it in my bedroom at night and the backyard in the day. I was so exited and I called the fox henewa. The little fox liked the name and became friendly. I kept the fox. The fox turned from purple to silver. The fox went everywhere I went. The fox became really fluffy.The fox loved me as much as I loved the fox. When I was sleeping with the fluffy fox I woke up and I was in a dream. I was surrounded by tigers it was creepy and spooky. Then I realised that something was riding on one of the tigers. It was... Henewa. She said this is my world. I come here every time you are at school to vist my family. Then I started to sniffle and said so are you going to leave me. Henewa said no I will always be at your house. I love you said the fox I love you to I said. Then I woke up an asked the fox was that real? It was.

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