Thursday, 27 February 2014

Swimming sports

WALT: Evaluate our learning honestly
Task: Reflect on your efforts at swimming sports day
Success Criteria:
  • Use an image here.
  • Answer questions honestly.
  • Use correct spelling and punctuation.
  • Ask your learning partner to write you some feedback. Remember Austin’s Butterfly.

 Yesterday we had Swimming sports.
 1. I was proud of me doing the lengths.
 2. I challenged myself by doing lengths for the first time for freestyle and backstroke. 
 3.I showed kotahitanga by cheering for my team mates and shaking peoples hands when I was finished and came 2nd. 
 4.  My next goal is to train hard to make it to first. 
  5. Story 
I waited for ages for my go in the pool then It was my turn I got all exited until I got to the edge of the diving board the I got butterflies all over. I waited for the BOOM to go then It did " BOOOM" I dived into the pool with a SPLASH. When I got to the end of the pool I hopped out and went to the diving board to do backstroke I waited for Davids whistle then I hopped into the pool I waited for the boom and then it went BOOOM and I started. My heart was beating really fast. When I reached the end I realised only one other people had finished so I had come second. I was so proud of myself.

6. Buddy feedback: I think you did really well  for trying  something new. You should do breaststroke next year.  By Tabitha.

7. Photos

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Buddy time

My class has been doing buddy time with room seven on wedensday afternoon. My Buddy is called Bella. She is very nice. We have been working on a poster about us. We have been having lots of fun. We had to do a refletion about our poster.
Here are some picture

Monday, 24 February 2014


In class we watched a video about a boy called Austin who was drawing a pictiure of a butterfly. He made a first draft his friends gave him feedback he followed the feedback and made 6 drafts until he got it right.   WALT : Edit

 I made a post about a maths problem this is what i first had. I figered out that I needed to edit my post.
I am going to make another try to make this post better.
here is my final product
I added how much the words and contries where to make my post better.

Thursday, 20 February 2014


This is a video of how to make tidy numbers

Catch me if you can

We have been learning to dodge and move quickly away from your partner. These are some pictures  of me doing catch me if you can.


Here are some words you can use to show kotahitanga.


These words mean: move again
                                Write again
                                see again
                                distance sound

Two stars and a wish

This is my two stars and a wish

Monday, 17 February 2014

$100 word challenge

Our class is doing a $100 word challenge. We had to work out how much a letter was worth. Here you try. My name is worth $29.
             Sadly I didn't find a word that was $100 but i did find out that totetray is $134
             The least exspencive is china which is $35
             The most exspencive is zambia which is $52

Sunday, 16 February 2014

New Ariticle

The Article is about New Zealand getting a new flag
I agree that we should get a new flag with a silver fern on it
The storeys a bit long so heres the link

Heres link /


Here is a comment I put on sophies blog

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Two stars and a wish

Here is my two stars and a wish. The stars mean I have achived and the wish is what i need to improve.

Maths values

I played a game that helps you in your learning.
Here is the link to it

maths game link

The Amazing Race

Last week the poutama students did an Amazing Race. We had to get into groups with a year 4, 5, 6 and have five people in our group. There were nine tasks we needed to do. I felt exited like I had butterflys in my tummy. In one task We had to make a shape with our group but we had to be touching in a way. My group and I did a pyrmind. One problem is you need to record the evidence. My group and I had so much fun.

Maths game

Here is a game that I played and it helps me in my learning.
Here is the score I got.
maths link

Maths goal

This is my maths goal for the term.

My maths goal is to… Decide which strategy best suits the problem.
The reason I have decided to focus on this goal is because… It will help me succssfully finsh harder problem
I will accomplish my goal by… Digging deeper in to the problem so I can solve it.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Reading Goal Book Talsies Term 1

Term 1 reading goal for  Book Talsies
My goal for this term is to understand more interesting words that I am reading.
The reason I want to focus on this goal is because...

I will achieve my goal by keeping a list of new interesting words that read this term. This will be helpful because I will use the words in my stories.  By the end of term 1 I will have 25 words.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Things we see,hear and feel in our class

WALT: learn!
We will know we are successful when we agree to:
  • Believe in ourselves,
  • Take risks in our learning,
  • Manage self,
  • Display leadership / initiative,
  • Show integrity,
  • Strive for excellence,
  • Take responsibility for our learning,
  • Set challenging learning goals,
  • Learn from our mistakes,
  • Show determination in all situations,
  • Work in unity,
  • Know ourselves as a learner,
  • Think happy thoughts (positivity is the key!),
  • Respect others’ rights to learn, to feel safe and to be respected,
  • Practice being a responsible digital citizen.


This is some art we did with Ebony. We had to take a photo of ourselves cut it out trace around it on black paper. Then cut that out. Next we had to colour in a piece of paper with diffrent coloured pastels. When we took our pictures we stood in a pose. It was really fun.
Here is my Art

Tuesday, 4 February 2014


W.A.L.T:  Writing cinqains
This is a eleven word poem.

Agreement, Rules
Fighting, Arguing, Trading
They were very frustrated

Monday, 3 February 2014

Welcome to 2014

Welcome to 2014!

I am Aria! I am 8 nearly 9. I go to russell street school. My teacher is Elly. My class is in the poutama block. The poutama block is a big classroom which is rms 11,12,13,14 open up. This is my new blog. I hope you enjoy looking on my blog and seeing all my learning. I hope this year I will put lots of learning on my blog.
This is a picture of me and my cat mirabelle