Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Anzac quiz

Q1. How does your country/school/family celebrate ANZAC Day?
We wear poppies and have Anzac biscuits 
Q2. What does ANZAC day mean to you personally?
   Just saying thanks to the people in the war
Q3. Do you have any extended family that fought in Gallipoli? What stories can you tell us?
I'm not sure if my family was in the first war but my great grandad was in a war
Q4. Do you have any extended family that have fought in any other conflicts?
My great granddad was in a war
Q5. Do you think ANZAC day is important? Should we celebrate the day? How else could ANZAC Day be celebrated? I think it's important because we celebrate the people who gave up there lives
Q6. During Gallipoli, Australia and NZ fought side by side. Do you think the relationship between the 2 countries is important? Yes I think that the relationship is important
Q7. Why are poppies sold before and on Anzac Day? Why was the poppy chosen and what does it represent? The poppies are for the people who died in a poppy field 

Q8. How did the Anzac biscuit originate? Do you have a favourite Anzac biscuit recipe that you would like to share? The Anzac biscuit has maple syrup instead of eggs and no I don't have any favourite recipe
Q9. Have you ever been to an ANZAC Day celabration ? What happened and how did it make you feel?
No I haven't been to a celebrateion 

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