Monday, 7 April 2014

Weet-bix try

WALT: Evaluate
Success Criteria:
Share an experience so that someone else feels as thought they are experiencing it with you.
Share what you learnt
Share what you would do differently next time

Weet-bix triatlon

I walked to the Transition area with my bike and ran down the 8 year olds line I put all my stuff down with butterflies in my tummy. I listened to all the chattering while I was strutting to the rss tent. I finally saw Atlanta she was at the courier post tent with her dad. I went to the ASB tent and played a game of frisbee and I won a frisbee. Then I went to courier post tent and got a tattoo of a truck. I disappeared to the rss tent. Then they called the 8 year old girls my heart thumped really fast. I was nervous and shaking. Then I went into the pool area looking a the people in the pool going as fast as they could. I was dreading this moment because there were a lot of people sinking and needing a fluttaboard. Finally it was my turn I got a fluttaboard hoped into the water with the other kids. Then the lady blowed a whistle and we were of like bullet. Everyone was in a mess and rushing on top of each other. I was sinking with people splashing and kicking there feet in front of me and behind me people were on my legs making my legs go down. I'm nearly at the end and I had to go to the bottom of the pool and push of because my legs were getting sore. I finally got to the end and hoped out and ran to the Transition area. I ran down the 8 year old line and found my bike and dried myself and got my top and shorts. I quickly put my shoes on and helmet and ran my bike. Then I hoped on my bike and went like a bullet pushing as hard as I could. People cheering us on and i'm passing lots of people. I'm heading up a hill pushing my feet. Going down the hill to the bridle track lots of people puffing and panting. Nearly at the end of the bridle track going through the esplanade to the Transition area. Getting off my bike taking off my helmet and ran a big loop panting and puffing
while I ran. I walked a bit and ran I got the stitch. I was nearly at the finish line I sprinted across the line and got a medal from Temepara Bailey. I felt proud. I got a cup of water and got a photo.

Reflection: Next time I would jog at the start. I did good at not stopping.
I think if  I was a  bit more athletic I would not puff as much

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  1. Hi Aria,
    I can tell you had a lot of heightened emotions on this day...things like 'butterflies in my tummy,' 'my heart thumped really fast' tell me that! How did the race go? What did you learn about yourself as an athlete? Would you do anything differently next time? Let me know what you think!