Thursday, 5 June 2014

My literacy sample

WALT: rote learning 
Task: Make a mnemonic to help us learn our spelling words as a memory aid.
Here is my puplished mnemonic poster

                                          These are the draft that I did

We did this so we would remember our spelling words.
We got one of our spelling words and we got words that started with the letters of our spelling word. But you need to make it make sense.
I learned how to make a mnemonic and what it is.
Reflection: I found making the sentences make sense hard because I have long words like
Feedback: Wow Aria you have done a really good  job.
I like the mnemonic about franticly!!! Sophie

You could do this at home just get a word and make a mnemonic. By getting a word and getting the first letter of a word that matchs the letters in the word. 


  1. Well done Aria! I know how hard you worked on these mnemonic exercises! It's also good that some of them were humorous too!

  2. You are right Aria! It sure is hard to make mnemonics when your words are so long. Great job for working so hard on them.

  3. Thank you for your honest feedback too!