Sunday, 8 June 2014

Writing sample

WALT: inform
DESCRIPTION: Write an explanation about something you have learned about energy.

How does a newtons cradle work?

A newtons cradle has five balls, when you pick up one of the end balls up and drop it your making kinetic energy. Then the end balls goes up and down.

It does that because the kinetic energy goes through the balls to get to the end ball. Then that ball goes up.

The balls are hanged by string with metal balls at the ends. The person who invented this was called Isaac Newton. After he made this he got famous. So he got called sir Isaac Newton.

The cradle was named after him as the newtons cradle. The newtons cradle shows kinetic and potential energy. When you pick up two balls and let go it go it ends up with three. That happens because of kinetic energy, it's moving from the other side.

For the newtons cradle to work the balls need to be the same height. This cradle has the middle going to the Side that has got there first. If you have a line of laptops and push it, it won't be like a Newtons cradle it will all fall down.

A newtons cradle is unquike by how it shows kinetic and potential energy. We can't see the kinetic
energy going through the balls.

Evaluation: I think I could do better at making it have more detail because I don't explain very well.
Feedback/ feed foward: I think that aria has done a great job but next time mabye a image.From Katie


  1. Great Work Aria, I really like how you clearly explained what the Newtons cradle is and how even if you didn't know how to spell something you didn't use another word you still tried to spell the word out. Great Work!

    I think your next steps are to remember to spell Newtons cradle with a capital N because its the name of something but apart from that I think out of 10 points I will give you 10 :D Great Work! :D


  2. Hey Aria. Great Explanation of a Newtons Cradle. You could maybe think about re ordering your paragraphs to make it a little bit clearer.

  3. Aria, you have explained what a newtons cradle is well and given your readers a good insight into how it works and what its purpose is. I agree with Mum, think about the order of your paragraphs, like we have looked at in class and make sure the same information is grouped together instead of jumping back and forth.