Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hiwi the kiwi writing

                                                                     Hiwi the kiwi

                                                                 Fish for the future
                                                                   Rules of the sea

1. Wear a life jacket because if your boat sinks or brakes, you can float, it can save your life. If you don't wear a life jacket you could sink and drown.

2. Once you catch a fish you need to touch it with salt water first so it will stay fresh and healthy not              rotten and gross. Then put it in salt ice. Wash the fish in salt water. You need to pick it up with a wet towel.

3.   Let a fish go if it is too small or too big. Let a big fish go so it can have babies. Let a small fish go so it can get big. You know that it's too small or too big if you bring a fish ruler. You can take a fish home if it is over 28cm.

4. This was a cool experience with hiwi the kiwi. It taught me heaps about fishing. They told us about different kinds of fish. What was more cool it was a surprise. They taught us a song Kai moana food from the sea.

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