Tuesday, 16 September 2014

ECG reflection nics inquiry group

In nics inquiry we have used the ECG reflection sheet as a tool to reflect on what we have done. ECG stands for emotion, cognition and growth. As well as doing this sheet we worked on our legend movie and made a second draft. We performed for the rest of the groups to show that we have improved.

Here is the link to our second draft

Here is my ECG.

Feedback/feedfoward from Grace the awesomest

Hi Aria,
I really like what you have said about actors or when your doing drama you have to be focused because I never thought about how you have to be focused when acting, great work. I like how you made your writing easy to read and made it bold so people could read it even clearer. Awesome Work.
I think maybe next time you could add a bit. Ore detail in your reflection and explain why you said what you said.
You Are A Great Role Model For Others Aria!

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