Thursday, 18 September 2014

Inquiry sample

WALT Develop ideas, skills and concepts in drama
  1. Focus - become the character, placement, patience. Yes
  2. Accept Ideas and build on them yes
  3. Levels - make it interesting for the viewer need a little bit of help
  4. Space - balanced, using a mixture of all the space, don’t bunch up yes
  5. Finish on time yes
  6. Be Spontaneous yes
  7. Centre stage - main idea is always in this position yes
  8. Contribute and participate yes


1. What are you most proud of? Why?
I am most proud of with how our group really worked together so we could make our act the best it can be.

2. What did you find challenging? Why?
Trying to find actions that would match the story because there wasn't much we could use.

3.  My next ‘Get It’ goal is? Why?
To use what we know to help us with our movement because we could just use what we know and do no research.


  1. Aria - I'm so excited to see the learning that you have done in drama with Nic...I can't wait to see your finished product on Tuesday!

  2. Hi Aria I like the way you used lots of good expression, and you had good facials. But I think you should work on you levels because you were mostly standing up the whole time. Jade C

  3. awesome work Aria you just need to work on adding awesome ideas

  4. Hi Aria I liked how you excepted awesome ideas with out arguing. But what you could do I bit better is your facial expressions. Hannah G