Wednesday, 11 February 2015

That was me growing up

Purpose: share childhood memories

In class we were writing a story about us growing up. We could pick two times we learned about something. Here is my plan 

Remember when we were on the slides at splash planet. Me and my dad chose the speed slide. I was really nervous. My dad said let me clean your goggles. Then he pushed me down. I started screaming
all the way down. I finally reached the bottom with a huge splash. Water slammed in my mouth and eyes. I spat out the water and wiped my eyes and said "that's awesome let's do it again. But with my goggles on and my mouth shut"? I learned to always give things a go!

Remember when we went on the bumper boats, I was to scared to go by myself so I went with my mum. We were going quite fast, we splashed into dad and Kali so hard i nearly fell off into the water. I shuffled around in the seat because i was so excited, the bumper boat made a squeek ,my sister and dad thought it was a fart. it was humiliating?

That was me growing up.

Here is my draft

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