Thursday, 18 June 2015

Two stars and a wish self directed

Here is my two stars and a wish to do with your learning goals.

Here is my video about my two stars and a wish

Monday, 15 June 2015

Kapahaka portfolio sample

On Monday afternoon some of us go to kapahaka. Kapa Haka is when you go and learn Maori songs and you sing and dance to them. Sometimes we perform to people. The purpose of this is to share the moari culture with others.

Here is a picture of me doing kapahaka 

At kapahaka I enjoy... Learning the moari songs and what there about. I also like sharing the moari culture

I am most proud of… inpiring others to do it because when I started no one wanted to do it but me, then Sophie and Zara thought it looked cool and joined. Then just this year Tabitha thought it looked really cool and joined.

I find pronounceing the words challenging because I always see the word and think that it's this but it's actually not. 

I am managing this challenge by thinking before I say it

A personal goal for me is to get the pronunciation right 

Our school wide focus this term has been around showing excellence. I show this at kapahaka by helping Tabitha in learning the words and actions

Feedback/feedfoward: I agree I think you inspired Sophie and I to do Kapahaka and I am having a blast, you could work on words the most
- Tabs

Writing portfolio sample

WALT: select words carefully to impact our audience 
SC: We have been learning to use verbs, prescie nouns, adjectives and adverbs to add impact 

Description: in writing we got a task to make a plan and story about a particular ball, you had to describe the ball without saying what it was. You had to use words like adverbs and adjectives. Verbs are a descriptive word, a prescie noun is a more prescie noun, a adjective is a descriptive noun and a adverb is to tell the how? When? Where?

Image: here is my planning

Big idea: here is my story
Zooming across the court, I glide from hand to hand. I am loving this tension of who they pass to its all down to this. They try to get me to the half circle and finally where there. The C and GA are trying to cheer on the GS by saying " you can do it" and " it doesn't matter if you miss" the GS says "I'm to small" she try's to pass me to the GA, I soar through the air and land in the wrong hands. The GK tries to pass but the GA leapt and gets the ball. The GA try's to shoot, I glide through the air onto the edge of the goal. I roll around and then boom I go through the hoop, yay everyone's happy saying yay. Maybe I do have a good life as a netball.

Feedback/feedfoward Wow Aria you did really well but I think you could work on putting more detail into your story otherwise you did really well - Sophie

Evaluation I think I did really well at describing with little hints on what the ball was without saying what it was.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

At maths time we have been learning about strategy. We have been working on different ways to work out problems like equal additions, reversibility, rounding and compensating, place value and pationing.
We have been working out problems from the stage six maths book and recording and working it out in our book. In our latest workshop we have been given a sheet of products from rebel sport with a price, on the sheet there were some tasks like write two amounts that make a sum more than 550, make a sum of exactly 426 and make a difference of 134. ( in case you didn't know difference means take away.)

Here is the sheet

Here is my working out

Difference between 40 and 60
Sorry I failed I also worked some out on the whiteboard to they didn't work either!😕😩

The most common strategies I used were
Reversibility, equal additions and rounding and compensating

Feedback/feedfoward I think you made a clear picture in my head and you made the numbers clear 
 just next time make it a bit smaller Good job:) Tom H

Evaluation: I think I did a good job at working out the problems even though I asked a few friends what things equal like what's 136-75! Next time I could work on not asking friends and try to get it right the first and second time.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Science inquiry on Arctic foxes

In inquiry we have been learning about being a scientist. We needed to think like a scientist, predict, talk and present like a scientist. We were thinking about biological and behavioural adaptations. First we had to pick an animal that we had a question about, then we researched that question and made a presentation about the research. At the end we presentated it.
Here is my presentation 

Feedback/feedfoward: I think you did a good job at using different pictures to add detail. Next time you could add more detail to the description. - Zara

Evaluation: I think I did a great job at my presentation because I made it interesting and added a question for next time. I think I need to work on adding detail to make it more exciting. 

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reading sample

My goal for reading is comprehension and in comprehension we have been working on visualising the text and making text to text,text to world and text to self connections.If you were doing a text to text connection you would get a sentence from the book you are reading and connect it to some text you have read that is nearly the same from a different book.A text to world connection is almost the same but you are connecting text you have read to something happening somewhere in the world right now.Text to self is as well almost the same you read some text and you connect it to something you have done before or something you have seen someone else do.

Success criteria and evaluation:
Text to self:I think that I am good at text to self because to do text to self you really need to read through it and really understand what you are reading.

Text to world :I think that I am okay at that but I could get better by always thinking about it when I am reading a story or book.

Text to text:same as text to self I think that I really need to know what I read with every book I read so I think I am good at that.

Re-read::if I don't under stand what I read I don't just move on i stay on it to re read so I think that I am good at that.

Cause and effect:I think making predictions can really help me with this one and thinking.

Comparisons and contrast:thinking of other words that would fit into that sentence.

Here is the one tic tac toe I chose to do for this post.I shows how to make connections and what a connection.

Feedback and feedfoward: Wow Aria you did a really good job and I think you could improve on adding  a bit more detail but other wise you did really well-Sophie b