Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Maths portfolio sample

At maths time we have been learning about strategy. We have been working on different ways to work out problems like equal additions, reversibility, rounding and compensating, place value and pationing.
We have been working out problems from the stage six maths book and recording and working it out in our book. In our latest workshop we have been given a sheet of products from rebel sport with a price, on the sheet there were some tasks like write two amounts that make a sum more than 550, make a sum of exactly 426 and make a difference of 134. ( in case you didn't know difference means take away.)

Here is the sheet

Here is my working out

Difference between 40 and 60
Sorry I failed I also worked some out on the whiteboard to they didn't work either!😕😩

The most common strategies I used were
Reversibility, equal additions and rounding and compensating

Feedback/feedfoward I think you made a clear picture in my head and you made the numbers clear 
 just next time make it a bit smaller Good job:) Tom H

Evaluation: I think I did a good job at working out the problems even though I asked a few friends what things equal like what's 136-75! Next time I could work on not asking friends and try to get it right the first and second time.

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