Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Reading sample

In reading we have been doing tic tac toes which are tasks to do with our goal. I choose a task called news report. In news report you have to read an article about the world body painting festival. I did my news report with bella. I was the reporter asking questions and Bella was one of the designers. We had to summarise the article to the main points.

Here is our news report link

Big idea: In reading I have been learning to summarise. Summarising is when you have a long story and you shorten it to the main points. From doing this task I have learnt to summarise the key points in questions like for example what categories are there in the body painting festival. This Ties into our learning because we summarised the article to the main points and put it into question form.

Feedback/feedfoward Well done girls. I think your questions were good.  They gave people an insight into the body painting champs. I think you need to think about a nice quiet place you could record your interview so there are less distractions. - Mum 

Evaluation: I think that we have done really well except it wasn't really a summary. We could have known the script a bit more so we didn't have to look down so much. I think we did really well at showing that it was a news report.

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  1. Great post Aria - questioning such as in this news report can be a great way to lead to summarising main points from an article. I agree that you could try looking up more to engage the audience during the news report. Keep up the great work!