Monday, 12 October 2015

Book bash

This term we are doing book bash we choose our three favourite book out of 11 I chose Esio trot, The spiral chrysalis and This Land We Call Home, then we got put into groups, my book is The spiral chrysalis,this is my pre workshop activity

Assess the cover design, blurb and title.  
What made you choose this book?
What appeals to you?  
What hooked you in?

Title: The title sounded really funny when I first heard it because it was just the spiral chrysalis, but once i had read the blurb it made sense . It is a really good title that is out of the box. It draws you in by just saying the spiral chrysalis it is like what does the spiral chrysalis do I want to read more.

Blurb:   The blurb sounded really adventurous and weird how it involved a chrysalis. It was very out of the box. I like how it's got at the end they have got a week to find a way out before the spiral fades away and the trio are trapped forever, that really hooked me in. The blurb was the thing that hooked me into the storey otherwise I wouldn't of chosen it by its cover or title. 

Cover design: the cover design is really interesting and weird because it is just two heads looking at a chrysalis. I could have made a better cover to make it stand out to make others read it because a exciting cover hooks me in. I think that the chrysalis could have been more bold so it would stand out and people would want to read it.

Make some predictions about the story.  When and where do you think the story is set?  What do you think is going to happen?  Why?
I think the story is set in a Forrest and it is a dark late afternoon. I think they are going to come across lots of scary creatures and problems they need to overcome, like they all get split up and they could come across evil queens. 

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