Monday, 30 November 2015


How is Naureen related to Carl. They are twins 
Design a better character for the storey. Tabithia a ginormous lizard that blocks the exit.
How are there situation related to you. Me, Sophie and Bella made a trailer of two girls stuck in a portal.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Inquiry (Graduation)

Description: Every Thursday we do something called inquiry. We got to choose a group and I chose Graduation with Troy. In Graduation we have been split into small committees to contribute something to Gradution. I'm in decorations so that means me and about eight others. We have made stuff like Pom poms and a massive back drop saying 2015 with tissue paper. Gradution is at Palmerston North boys high school. We are going to the boys high hall to decorate a few days early.

Our focus for this inquiry is future generations and how we can benefit the next generation of R.S.S kids. We are benefiting the next generation by creating a Graduation that year 6s can remember.

Our other focus is out of the box thinking. The decorations group are thinking out of the box because we made a back drop not out of paper but crepe paper, tissue paper and chicken wire.

What did you accomplish? I accomplished an awesome back drop for the hall that's made out of tissue and crepe paper, it took us about 2-3 weeks to make it.

What was the most frustrating/ challenging thing? What difficulties did you encounter? The most challenging thing was making sure that the tissue paper did not fall out because if they all came out 
then we would be wasting our time putting them in when we could be doing something else. Also we had to put tape on the back to make sure they stayed in and that took ages.

What was your proudest moment in your inquiry? Getting everything done like the Pom pom's and the back drop and the jenga blocks.

How will our inquiry groups impact the future? Graduation will impact the future because by this graduation others will be inspired and people around the world could see our graduation and also get inspired and then everyone will have fantastic Graduations thanks to us.

How did you show Agency, Creativity & Excellence? I showed agency by getting everything done in time for graduation, I showed creativity by thinking out of the box by making a back drop that was made out of tissue paper and chicken wire and showing persistence because we never gave up on the idea, and we showed excellence by trying to make this the best graduation ever.

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Self directed learner

In poutama we have a agency wall. It has goals that will drive us towards being a self agentic learner

 I think I am a Self Directed learner because I don't get told what to do because I have been naughty and I can be able to be left alone and the teachers know that I am doing the right thing. But I still have a little way to go until I am self agentic.

The goal that I am currently working on is I can cooperate in groups of different people 

The things I need to do to achieve this goal are cooperate more with my group even if it is people I don't usually go with.


Here are my blooms questions that my partner Harriet sent me

Describe Kelly: Kelly is kind, caring and sporty

How would you feel if moter bikes tried to run you over: I would be totally freaked out and I would run as far away from them as possible.

What would happen if you combined Kelly and Carl: they would be really sporty, a tomboy, kind and caring at times and annoying at times.