Thursday, 25 February 2016

Active listening

Descripton: In class, we decided to make a video on listening. There are 3 types of listening; busy listening, me too listening and active listening.

Big Idea: Busy Listening is a type of listening where the talker is talking about something, but the listener isn't focused on listening, (e.g, playing a game on your iPad). Me Too Listening is a type of listening where the talker is talking about something, (e.g, what you did on the weekend), and the listener is interrupting saying what they did on the weekend. Active listening is when the talker is talking about what they did on the weekend, and the listener is paying full attention and asking questions.

Feedback/feedfoward: I think you did really well by explaining what each listening point is.

You could work on projecting your voice.- Sophie

Evaluation: I think we did really well at showing the different types of listening. Next time I could work on projecting my voice. I think I do really well at being a active listener but sometimes I can be a busy and a me too listener, so this year I am going to work on that.

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

Description: In poutama we were given a task to make a presentation of what we have learnt about Waitangi Day. We could make movies, 3D models, posters etc. Sophie and I choose a 3D model, we made a paper model with scenes that matched the facts we found. 

Big idea: we learnt about why the Europeans want New Zealand. We learnt that the United States and France also wanted New Zealand.

Feedback: I like how you put sold signs on New Zealand to show awareness of how much of the land got sold to the Europeans.
Feedfoward: I don't like how Tabitha is pointing at a wall she should be pointing at something.
-Sophie I
Evaluation: I like how our 3D model is unique and different from everyone else. We showed excellence and creativity in our project. I think we could work on making the facts more clear. 

My presentation is multi because it's not relational or Uni 

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

Description: In Poutama we have been learning about Waitangi Day. The day is about the Maori and English coming together to sign a treaty to declare peace between them. We have made open questions about Waitangi Day and the treaty. Close questions are questions that are obvious, like if you   Are wearing a white shirt and someone says are you wearing a white shirt. Open questions are questions that aren't obvious. Here are the questions I came up with.

Why did the Europeans want to buy all the land?
What is Waitangi?
Why did they have to sign a treaty to live here?
Where do they keep the treaty?
Where was the treaty signed in New Zealand? 
How did the europeans find New Zealand?
Why did they treat New Zealand and australia differently 
Why did they make Waitangi Day into a public holiday 
 Why did the make the treaty in Waitangi