Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Treaty of Waitangi

Description: In Poutama we have been learning about Waitangi Day. The day is about the Maori and English coming together to sign a treaty to declare peace between them. We have made open questions about Waitangi Day and the treaty. Close questions are questions that are obvious, like if you   Are wearing a white shirt and someone says are you wearing a white shirt. Open questions are questions that aren't obvious. Here are the questions I came up with.

Why did the Europeans want to buy all the land?
What is Waitangi?
Why did they have to sign a treaty to live here?
Where do they keep the treaty?
Where was the treaty signed in New Zealand? 
How did the europeans find New Zealand?
Why did they treat New Zealand and australia differently 
Why did they make Waitangi Day into a public holiday 
 Why did the make the treaty in Waitangi 

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