Thursday, 3 March 2016

One word 2016 portfolio sample

Description: This year we have set some goals using one word. My one word is growth. This year I want to make growth in my confidence to help me with being a house leader and a road patroller, I want to make growth in my after school activities to show my teacher. Using our one word we made one word art. We wanted to do this so we could display them in the classroom. Elly took pictures of us pretending to hold a sign. She printed them out them we measured the width between our arms and the length we wanted them. We did a few drafts in our writers notebook so that we could get it perfect for the real thing. We could do different themes and characters for the letters. After we found a design we liked we did it on the card. Next we cut it out and stuck it between our hands. Here is my art


Feedback/Feedforward I think that you did really well and it's nice and big so if you were far away you would see it but I think you could make the letters a bit more to do with growth but you did really well.

Evauation: Thanks Soph. I agree with Sophie I could make the letters more related to growth. I think I did well at making the letters bold. I think that next time I could put a bit more than effort in with how much time our teachers gave us I don't think I used my time wisely. I think camp will really help me make growth in my confidence. Having lots of leadership roles also helps.


  1. I am 100% at your back for this road safety forum you are having. It's a great way of instilling to the people the value of safety when on the road and thus, preventing any accidents from happening. In our country, the rate of minor road accidents seems to rise so this forum would be
    helpful especially if attended by people mainly using the road for transportation.

  2. Excellent use of bold lettering and colour Aria. Your one word stands out perfectly. I like how you have included images in the background. How are you going at working towards your one word goal every day? Keep challenging yourself to grow in your learning.

    How else can adults help you with your goal?