Thursday, 17 March 2016

Whakapapa/ Family tree

Description: In poutama we have been learning about our family tree and the maori names for mum and dad and all of our family. First we made a draft and found out about our family then we started thinking about our presentation. Here is my presentation of my family tree

And here is some Maori terminology for you to learn

mama - Mum
 papa - Dad
Tungane - Brother
Tuakana - Sister
Koro - Grandfather
 Kuia- Grandmother 
mama Keke - Aunty
Papa Keke - Uncle
Tama - Boy
Tamahine - Girl

Awesome job Aria you could do a great job of a task in so little time next time you could add some colour to make it come to life and pop.
- Tabitha

Evauation: I think that I did a good job at doing my family tree with the short amount of time I was given. Next time I could add a bit more detail and colour. I think that if I asked my parents a bit more about my family I could add some more family.


  1. Ka mau te wehi! I find it very fascinating how families all fit together. I hope this learning has helped you to understand your whanau a little bit more. I know that because you are in Kapa Haka, you don't have as much time to complete this. You could use the online to do this?

    1. Thanks, I think that I might try out ancestry so I can learn more about my family. I wish I could include my great grandparents, aunts, uncles and all my cousins.