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Why your child should go to camp

Description: We wrote 3 different stories. One was about Camp, Embarrassing or Buddy Challenge Day and I chose to do my camp writing because I had lots of fun and I wanted to share that. We choose one of them to publish and then we edited them and put our stories on our blog. The purpose of this is to practice using pies which is pursade, inform, entertain and self. And I chose pursade.

Why your child should go to camp

Camp is an important of a child's school journey. Camp helps your child develop friendship. When your child comes home they are happy and confident and have learnt lots of things about themselves and have grown in their character. They will have tried new things and foods and taking risks.

They will come home with amazing stories to tell. Like I tried all the foods that was given to me and I liked them all but one. I tried lettuce for the first time and it was like a worm sliding down my throat. Then they will tell you that they would like all the meals at home.

The benefits are that they can have fun on camp while you are relaxing at home. It will be worth the money because your child will learn lots for their future.

If they come home with a story like I was on a horse called Mini, who was the most mysteriously miniature mini horse you have ever seen, then you're probably like “yeah that's cool”. But then mini got a bee sting while I was on her, then you're probably like “oh was she alright?” Then your child says “ the horse freaked out while I was on her and she was jumping around like crazy kicking everyone. Then you're probably like ahhhhh how is this safe? I want refunds was anyone helping my child? But don't worry there were instructors helping your child while on Horses, Rifles, Archery and Kayaks.

If your child comes home saying I went on the kayaks you're probably like “oh that's good Did you learn how to Kayak? Then your child will most likely say yes but I'm not very good, then most people say at least you tried. Least likely your child will say I tipped my Kayak over while i was on it, but to be fair it was slippery like a banana peel. Then you're most likely freaking out like crazy asking if they were alright if they were choking and how long they were under for? 

This is good for your child because they are learning. If you send them to camp they will try new things. They may make mistakes but that is proof they are trying. The benefits are that your child can learn from their mistakes and find out what they were doing wrong.

If you know your child is a super shy kid or hasn't got many friends or doesn't make friends as easy as others. Just send them to school camp they will come back excited and having lots of new friends.
Come and see your child perform with their activity group on the skit concert, you can see your child work together in a group of a range of different people.

There may be a cost but if you want your child to be more confident and have more growth in their character then that's the price you have to pay. When you have gone to camp you have a whole bunch of butterflies in your stomach and that happy feeling that you went to camp and survived it and came home in one piece. If you want your child to go to camp then YAY you have been persuaded!! If you have not then have you been to school camp and realised how much fun it is!!! Because camp is an important part of a child's school journey.

Feedback/ feedfoward: I like how you did a guide to camp and how it's It is important for us to go
To camp.( I can't find anything bad about it )Ruby.

Evaluation: I think I could of used some similes and descriptive words to make my story more interesting. I think i did well at trying to pursade people.

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