Tuesday, 17 May 2016


This term the year 6's have been given the opportunity to learn Japanese with Kelly on a Thursday afternoon. Kelly is passionate about Japan and their language, Kelly has been to Japan twice and has learnt how to speak Japanese. We have done two sessions and we have already learnt to say and write to ten in Japanese. I have been having the nicest time learning Japanese and can't wait to learn more. Each week Kelly chooses two people who have been working hard and focused and gets them to go head to head with trying to eat as many marshmallows as they can while using chopsticks.
Here is my slide

Wow Aria you are doing so well, I think you could improve still maybe you could try speaking fluently without words infront of you, otherwise you are doing amazing.
- Tabitha C

Evaluation:  I think that I have been very focused in Japanese and making sure I am listening to the things the senseis tell us so I can remember some Japanese things. I have been excited for the trip because it is another opportunity to learn more about Japan 

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