Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Kapahaka portfolio sample term 2

Every Monday afternoon Poutama splits into two groups kapahaka and E T reo. I go to kapa Haka, kapa Haka is a performing group and E T reo is when you learn about the Maori culture and language.
For kapa Haka we are going to pae tamariki on the 28th of June. We have been practising really hard because we have been moved to the second day because we are more experienced in kapa Haka.

Here is a video of us practicing

Feedback/ Feedforward: I like the way that the whole kapa Haka group is in time next time you could do better facial expressions. - Emily 

Evaluation: What is the hardest part about Kapa Haka and why? Keeping yourself committed to the group by doing facial expressions and making sure you are always focussed 
What are you most looking forward to about Pae Tamariki next week and why? I am most looking forward to going on stage and showing what rss can bring to the table.
Why do you think others should join Kapa Haka? Others should join because it is Learning moari culture and language in the form of song and dance.
I like doing kapa Haka because we are singing and dancing and that is what I am interested in.

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  1. You are a great performer Aria! Thank you for putting your best foot forward in our Kapa Haka group!