Sunday, 19 June 2016

Science portfolio sample term 2 2016

This term we having been learning about science and every friday we do inquiry. Nics group is learning about the moon, Troys group is learning about the weather and Ellys group is doing
Seed-To-Table. I have been working with troy and we got to choose what we wanted to focus on and I wanted to learn about snow and snow storms, then got to choose a experiment about our focus. My experiment was to make snow and then make a snow storm in a jar.
In Nics group we had that when we did our science priorities we had to go outside and measure the moon to the sun and to the horizon with our fists and find what shape the moon is. if we could not see the moon clearly you could go on this website to find the shape of the moon. After you have got the measurements and the shape you needed to make a sketch of the moon with the exact shape and measurements, then you would put it on your slide and blog.
Here is one of my sketches.

In Troys science we have been doing weather experiments I chose as my focus on weather as Snow
and how does snow form and how does the snow turn into a snowstorm. I chose to do a snow and snowstorm experiment with Sophie because she is doing a similar question. We have made the snow and it turned out well and we are going to do a snowstorm expirment. The snowstorm turned out really well we used a jar, baby oil, white paint, water and alka seltzer we made the experiment and it turned out awesome
Here is the link to the video
Here is my slide Feedback/Feedforward: Wow aria what a cool experiment next time you explain a bit about what happened and how you thought it went.
- Tabitha C

Evaluation: I think that I did a good job at making sure that Sophie and I were able to do the experiments because I bought in stuff for us to make our experiments more awesome. If we were to do it again I would try to be a bit more organised.

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  1. Wow, a great use of time lapse to show you putting together your experiment. You have written an excellent piece of writing about how snow works too. You are combining all the workshop learning to create amazing learning. Top job Aria - mālō lava!