Thursday, 23 June 2016

Seed to table

Seed to table is a session that we do from 10-1 on a Friday. In the session you do gardening or science experiments and cooking for your lunch. This week for Seed to table we are having minestrone soup, potatoe and leek bake, bread and apple and fejoa crumble. I was involved in the potatoe bake with Rosie, Naomi, Tane, Catilin, Edward, Eli and Jacob. While our group and group 1 were doing cooking groups 3 and 4 do a science experiment then after morning tea we are doing the science experiment and the others are doing baking. For the science experiment we got some seeds and wet some paper towels in water then got some seeds wrapped the paper towel around them and then we put the seeds in a plastic resealable bag. I chose pea seeds because I was interested in if they would grow.

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