Wednesday, 31 August 2016

PVA glue avalanche portfolio sample

Description: this term I have been in Troy's writing this was decided by our next goal in our report. I am working on words. We watched a video about how tennis balls are made. When we watched the video we wrote down words that came to mind while we were watching the video. With the words we picked  5 that we liked the most and used those words to make a story. The story could be nothing about tennis or tennis balls so no one would suspect it was from a video about how tennis balls are made.
Here is the link to the video.

Evaluation: Thanks Charlotte I agree that I needed to add more describing words so I could add some more detail. I really like what I have done other than that.

I really like your story maybe next time you could add some describing words.-Charlotte 

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book buddies

This term for reading we have been doing book buddies which is when you have a reading buddy and you pick a book together you will take it home to read. My Buddy is Abby and we are both in bookapedia and the whole of Bookapeadia were given a book called the name at the end of the ladder. We have a slide that we have to fill out with what we have read and what we have done. During book buddies you read or you can do a tic tac toe, which is different tasks related to the book. We also have to have a discussion with our partner about what we have read so far. We also have to have a coaching session with our teacher to see where we are up to. So far I have finished the book
Here is my discussion with Abby

Monday, 22 August 2016

Discovery time sample

Every monday from 9:15 - 1:00 we do discovery time with poutokomanawa. We can do things like finger knitting, sewing, art, stilts, skipping, going on pogo sticks, make a mini golf course, building, tents/huts and much more. Last week I did sewing and I made a pillow which was fun because i had never made a pillow before then i went on the stilts. during discovery time each class will at some point go and do gymnastics. I have so much fun doing discovery time
Here is my Excellence slide

Evaluation: I have done well at doing stuff that i want to do not what my friends want to do. But i could start doing things that i haven't done before.


Maths portfolio sample term 3 2016

For maths this term we have been focusing on measurement. We were given a measurement passport with lots of fun measurement activities for us to do and learn. We were given a test at the end of last term saying measurement questions we had to estimate and work out. There were capacity, weight and area questions. We did this test to see what we can do in the measurement area. Then we would place them on a rubric on either 1, 2, 3, or 4. I put myself as a 2 because i had only done a little bit of working out and my estimations were guess's so i put myself as 2. Then this term we redid the test and to see if the workshops helped and when i redid the test i found all of them easier then last time but i did have a bit of trouble doing the weight question. then we put the tests on the rubric and i moved from 2-3 so that means i did better than last time.
We made a slide to evaluate our measurement.