Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Book buddies

This term for reading we have been doing book buddies which is when you have a reading buddy and you pick a book together you will take it home to read. My Buddy is Abby and we are both in bookapedia and the whole of Bookapeadia were given a book called the name at the end of the ladder. We have a slide that we have to fill out with what we have read and what we have done. During book buddies you read or you can do a tic tac toe, which is different tasks related to the book. We also have to have a discussion with our partner about what we have read so far. We also have to have a coaching session with our teacher to see where we are up to. So far I have finished the book
Here is my discussion with Abby


  1. I want to say thanks for being my book buddy. You have worked really hard on all of the tasks we have worked on. You have been an amazing book buddy and I hope I was too.

  2. Well done you two! It looks like you have really worked well together!