Monday, 22 August 2016

Discovery time sample

Every monday from 9:15 - 1:00 we do discovery time with poutokomanawa. We can do things like finger knitting, sewing, art, stilts, skipping, going on pogo sticks, make a mini golf course, building, tents/huts and much more. Last week I did sewing and I made a pillow which was fun because i had never made a pillow before then i went on the stilts. during discovery time each class will at some point go and do gymnastics. I have so much fun doing discovery time
Here is my Excellence slide

Evaluation: I have done well at doing stuff that i want to do not what my friends want to do. But i could start doing things that i haven't done before.


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  1. You are consistently showing excellence everyday Aria! We appreciate your leadership within our community of learners. You set yourself high goals, and you are always aiming for excellence. Kei reira!