Sunday, 18 September 2016

Kapahaka portfolio sample term 3

Description: On Wednesday night the Kapahaka and Band performed at the northern cluster at the regent. Kapahaka is when a group of people come together and perform moari Waita. I was not able to perform on the night because I went to the netball. But at school we had a whole Kapahaka photo in our uniform and then had a dress rehearsal in front of the whole school. Even though I wasn't there I am sure our group was amazing. The northern cluster is a festival and the schools in the northern part of Palmerston North come together and perform. Our Kapahaka needed the band because the band had learnt hall of fame and then the kapahaka translated the chorus into moari. I am in both the band and the Kapahaka. I think I have been doing well at Kapahaka and band because I have been focused and I have been working hard. I am most proud of me learning the song in moari. I was challenged by all of the new words. Next time I need to be putting more passion into it. Here is us performing.
 Day performance Live performance
Feedback/feedfoward I think that you did. Great job and looked really confident and I like the actions that you did in panekiretanga- Atlanta 


  1. You guys were spectacular! Well done. I was so proud of this. We truely made the song "Panekiretanga" - EXCELLENT! Kia ora Aria, thank you for your time and energy. Even though you didn't get to play with us on the night, I can still tell that you are getting better and gaining more confidence in playing the drums. Keep it up!